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Short Shank 3 Piece Bit

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Short Shank 3 Piece Bit

This short shank three piece sweet iron snaffle with copper roller is an excellent choice for horse riders who are looking for a comfortable and effective bit for their equine partner. Made from high-quality materials, this bit features a sweet iron mouthpiece that promotes salivation and helps to keep your horse's mouth soft and responsive.

The copper roller in the center of the mouthpiece is designed to encourage your horse to play with the bit, which can help to alleviate boredom and keep your horse focused on the task at hand. The short shank design of this bit decreases reaction time from your hand to the horse's mouth making this a mild bit. 

Overall, this Short Shank Three Piece Sweet Iron Snaffle With Copper Roller is a great choice for riders who want a bit that is both comfortable and effective for their horse. Whether you're training for competition or just enjoying a leisurely ride, this bit will help to keep your horse happy and responsive.

  • The sweet iron, dogbone mouthpiece with copper roller encourages salivation for bit acceptance.
  • The copper roller acts as a pacifier for nervous horses 
  • Dotted cheek creates an antique western look
  • Three-piece smooth snaffle
  • Short shank decreases reaction time from your hand to the horse's mouth making this a mild bit 
  • Black SS cheeks 
  • Mouth: 5 3/4 in / copper roller and sweet iron
  • Cheeks: 6 in / silver dotted

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