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Set Of 4 Ortho Equine Complete Comfort Boots - Teal

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Set Of 4 Ortho Equine Complete Comfort Boots - Teal

Ortho Equine Complete Comfort Boots provide comfortable, no-sweat support for your horse while protecting from dirt and debris. Ortho Equine's Comfort Boots are lined with Intellitemp™, a breathable, temperature-regulating material designed to keep skin a comfortable temperature (83° F).

Ortho-Equine was established as a subsidiary of Ortho-Care and utilizes some of the same technology as developed in the human market. For example, Intellitemp was utilized by Ortho-Care for suspension devices for amputees. This material was originally developed for NASA, is breathable and designed to keep a constant skin temperature of 83°.

These boots are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Full Set Of Four - 2 x Back Boots and 2 x Front Boots

SIZING - Sizing is based on the circumference of your horses fetlock.

 Size Horse Fetlock Circumference
Small 21.5 cm to 24cm
Medium 24cm to 26.5cm
Large 26.5cm to 29cm
Extra Large 29cm to 32cm

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