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Ortho Equine Saddle Blanket - Firecracker Black & Bright Multi

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Ortho Equine Saddle Blanket - Firecracker Black & Bright Multi

Ortho Equine saddle pads combine scientifically proven shock absorbing technology with the natural wonders of 100% NZ wool to create market leading comfort for your horse!

This is a premium quality saddle blanket made in the USA from New Zealand Merino Wool and market leading high-tech foam cushioning material to ensure your horse is comfortable at all times. Uniquely this pad is essentially the best quality wool available in the world with chamois like pockets underneath which come with high-tech foam inserts which can be removed if required or alternatively additional inserts can be purchased for increased padding or to extend the life of your saddle pad.

INSERTS // The inserts are made from two layers. The first layer is the same material used in football helmets to help with shock absorption and the second layer is the same material used in shoe insoles the help prevent the first layer bottoming out. 

LONGEVITY // Despite the comfort of these pads being very impressive there is potentially one thing that is even better about them! The scientifically proven shock absorbing inserts can be replaced as required, meaning your pad will never end up in the dump because it’s got stiff, hard and uncomfortable for your horse!

THICKNESS // This pad has a 100% NZ Wool woven top layer with a chamois style pocket stitched on the underside which houses the shock absorbing inserts. The section where these inserts are is what is under your saddle and the pad is 1 and a 1/4 inch thick through that section.

SIZE // 
30 inch // perfect for fender, stock, barrel and small western saddles (16 inch depth)
34 inch // perfect for cutting, reining and larger skirted western saddles (18 inch depth)

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